In the house you will find the island book which contains all important telephone numbers from the coast guard to the hospital etc.     

You don’t need to. The boat transfer is already included in your reservation.  

Please inform yourself on the website of the [German] Foreign Office, or ask your family doctor about possible vaccinations.   

You do not need any outdoor experience. You just have to love nature, then you will like it. 

You are allowed to go fishing on the island, and you can also go around the island by   boat and go fishing by the way. In that case you need a permission. https://www.eraluvat.fi/en/fishing/fisheries-management-fee.html  https://www.eraluvat.fi/media/kalastonhoitomaksu/the-need-for-angling-permits-is-determined-by-the-fishing-method-used-and-age-of-the-angler.jpg

 However, we assume that you are well informed, and we hope that you know how to quickly kill caught fish.

Yes, there are fishing rods which you may use. However, you have to bring your own baits.    

Basically yes. There are two designated fireplaces on the island, but if our manager tells you that it is too dry at the time of your arrival you should follow the instructions of our manager and not make a campfire.   

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. The island is self-sufficiently supplied with sun and wind energy, and the won energy is needed for ongoing operation. But mobile phones or cameras can be recharged without any problems.    

Waste is separated, and there is bottle deposit on the island. The manager will give you all corresponding information.   

First and foremost we trust you and hope that you appreciate this little piece of land as much as we do. If our manager notices an infringement during the acceptance he will talk to you about it and inform us. In the worst case, your deposit will be retained.   

There are two first aid kits as well as some plasters on the island.   

In addition to some bird species and insects it may well be that a moose or a bear is swimming in the sea.  

Yes, there are mosquitoes, but not more or less than in any other country if you are out in the nature. Most mosquitoes are coming at dusk/dawn, but we often have wind on the island – and mosquitoes do not like that.  

Food, beer, and gasoline cost as much as for example in Germany. In contrast, spirits are actually more expensive.  


Definitely yes! Finland has been a member of the EU since 1995, and since 2000 its currency has been the Euro.